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Sophisticated Inground Pool Designs By Expert Pool Builders

For over 60 years, Century Pools has crafted some of the most luxurious, relaxing, and custom pool designs that fit perfectly into any living space. From a stunning pool design with a waterfall grotto to surprise your friends and family to a simple lap pool for getting in that quick workout in the morning, our custom pools offer a quality and affordable solution to escaping the California heat.

Whether you need an eye-catching design or a backyard solution, our swimming pool contractors are the best team to start your pool dreams!

For over 60 years, Century Pools has crafted some of the most luxurious, relaxing, and custom pool designs that fit perfectly into any living space. From a stunning pool design with a waterfall grotto to surprise your friends and family to a simple lap pool for getting in that quick workout in the morning, our custom pools offer a quality and affordable solution to escaping the California heat.

Whether you need an eye-catching design or a backyard solution, our swimming pool contractors are the best team to start your pool dreams!

About Century Pools

About Century Pools – Crafting Excellence Since 1964

For over half a century, Century Pools has remained a staple in the Sacramento Valley. We emphasize building pools and installation with a customer-centric point of view. That is how we have established ourselves as the go-to pool contractor for local families, businesses, and private organizations.

Our story starts with the O’Neal family’s unending passion for quality pool installation that led to a natural vision of crafting stunning aquatic retreats. Since those humble beginnings, our team has grown into the pool contractors used in everything from celebrity mansions to local neighborhood hangouts – each focusing on building client trust, providing exceptional craftsmanship, and remaining on the forefront of custom pool innovation.

What sets Century Pools apart from the rest is our meticulous construction. We know backyard pools are more than a luxury. These are the treasured meeting places where memories are made, family events are held, and new beginnings are celebrated. That is why we carefully inject personalized experience into all our customer pools.

Our founder, Brian O’Neal’s legacy for incredible pool construction is continued through his sons Patrick, Michael, and Casey. These swimming pool contractors have design and construction in their blood, cultivating strong stewardship for embracing innovative design alongside traditional values.

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau reflecting our commitment to clients, our Sacramento pool-building team is ready to transform your living space into a serene backyard escape. Be a part of our Century Pools family and enjoy the timeless elegance of a custom pool design.

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Ready to Get Started?

Download Our Free Pool Buying & Planning Guide!

Building a new pool and dealing with challenging pool installation can feel a little overwhelming for some clients. That is why our experienced swimming pool contractors at Century Pools have created this Free Pool Buying & Planning Guide.

Inside this easy-to-use reference point, you’ll get the latest tips, tricks, and steps in choosing the right pool design, navigating various pool financing options, and selecting the best materials to ensure a durable, functional, and highly aesthetic backyard pool.

This guide relies on the years of expertise from our custom pools team – offering a simplified roadmap to ensure you are well-informed every step of the way. Whether you’re considering an intimate backyard escape or a sprawling aquatic oasis, download our guide today and get the insight needed for a rewarding pool installation.

Our Services

Our Century Pools services are customized to fit your unique needs. As an all-in-one pool contractor, we know that different clients, landscapes, and designs require unique solutions. 

While Century Pools is dedicated to crafting new, exquisite pools, we ensure every design includes innovative pool features from the start. Our expertise extends to integrating captivating features such as laminar jets, serene beach entry pool designs, and mesmerizing pool fire bowls, enhancing the beauty and functionality of your outdoor oasis. Connect with our design experts to explore how these features can elevate your pool project, making it a truly unique and luxurious retreat.

Call our pool design experts today, and let’s schedule a time to talk.

Pool Construction

Our experienced pool builders will blend the art form of design with the practical science of construction to craft a new pool that will last for years. We use the latest techniques and premium materials known to work well under the Californian sun so you can swim all year round.

Custom Swimming Pool Design

Need help determining what type of pool is right for you? Our custom pool design center allows you to blend your style with our modern backyard pool solutions. Our experienced pool builders will walk you through every step, from the initial concept to the final design.

We Design With Pool Repair and Maintenance In Mind

Engineered for Ease: Our Pools are Designed for Simplified Repairs and Maintenance, Partnering with Pentair Certified Technicians to Ensure Cost-Effective and Worry-Free Upkeep.

Inground Pool Installation

As a leading team of Sacramento pool builders, we provide inground pool installation that considers unique ground compositions, water runoff, and other technical concerns to ensure the best results. From excavation to finishing, we do our best to minimize disruption to your daily life.

A Pool for Every Occasion

Types of Pools for Your Northern California Property

California is home to a diverse collection of cultures and people. One quick pool design will not do for our wonderful group of return and referral clients. That is why our pool builders provide a wealth of custom pools, including:
Perfect for blending into your already carefully cultivated landscaping, our inground pools offer a natural and cohesive addition to your backyard. Every inground pool installation comes with versatile designs that allow for matching your décor and architecture.

Our pool builders provide an incredibly durable and strong option that can work with the flexibility of your available space. Gunite pools are made through a blend of sand and cement shot through a high-pressured hose that adds structural integrity as it dries – meaning it is ideal for custom pool designs.

If you are a lover of the natural beauty in California, our freeform pools are probably right for you. These incorporate natural elements like waterfalls, rocks, and flowing shapes that make your backyard pools look like they belong to the surroundings.
For modern Sacramento homes, we provide custom pool designs with sleek, minimalistic aesthetics. These unique shapes offer clean lines, symmetrical designs, and a crisp appearance that adds to the overall luxury of your space.

Discover the ultimate in backyard luxury with our Pool and Spa Combo, blending the invigorating pleasure of a swimming pool with the serene relaxation of a spa in one elegant design. Experience the best of both worlds, where sleek aesthetics meet unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Regardless of your preferred pool type, our pool contractors team will collaborate closely with the space you have and the desired results, ensuring a satisfying pool experience for you and your friends.

Visit Our Century Pools Gallery

Want to see our pool builders in action? Feel free to browse the many pools and installation projects we’ve completed around the Sacramento area. Our swimming pool contractors love showing off the craftwork and innovative design that goes into these natural, tranquil, and modern retreats.
If you have any questions about a particular custom pool design that matches your needs, be sure to contact our team, and we will respond as soon as possible.

What Our Clients Say

The incredible reviews, feedback, and personal stories we receive from our clients fuel our swimming pool contractors’ team at Century Pools. We love hearing about how our custom pool designs lead to fond family memories, celebrations, and relaxing afternoons. Here is what our clients say about Century Pools.

“Just finished our pool and it’s beautiful! We were done very quickly and without any issues 🙂 highly recommend their team! Had a great price for the value and what was included. Had several bids that were 10k plus more. Call them you won’t be disappointed!”
“Wife and I found out about Century Pools through my older bother. I waited almost 2 years to write this review to see how things were going to hold up. They built his pool almost 10 years ago and it's still going strong with no issues.”
“Century Pools was referred by my sister-in-law and I have to say, they were phenomenal. This is a family-owned business which is why we were considering them. As it turned out, the owners were involved with almost every aspect of the job.”

Visit Our Backyard Pools Learning Center

As part of our commitment to being the leading team of Sacramento pool builders, we continually learn about the latest innovations and news happening within the custom pools industry.
Our learning center provides a wide range of knowledge to help you maintain, manage, and improve your backyard pools. From securing pool financing for a new inground pool installation to the various accessories and safety equipment you should have on hand – Century Pools has you covered.
Secure Your Pool Financing

Secure Your Pool Financing

Century Pools has a long history of working with local financial institutions and providers to help you secure your dream pool installation. With such a long history of providing custom pools all over the area, we understand the various ins and outs of obtaining financing and help you every step of the way.

Our current preferred pool financing providers include Lyon Financial and Paramount. These dependable, trusted, and easy-to-use facilitators can help you finance your dream pool design. In most cases, there is no equity needed. Simply fill out an application, and you’ll be contacted by their team to coordinate the financial aspects of your pool installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Your Custom Pools Questions Answered!
Century Pools covers the greater Sacramento area and surrounding cities. We offer top-notch pool builder services for local homeowners and developers.

Simply book a consultation, and we will discuss your custom pool vision, available space, and any other specifics before providing a quote for the project.

Yes! We offer versatile solutions and designs to ensure your backyard pool fits into the appropriate space.

We are happy to discuss the inclusion of energy-efficient pool pumps, solar heating systems, and other natural considerations during our consultation process.

We partner with leading local financial institutions that collaborate with you to find a solution. These include complete custom pool installation without needing equity. Learn More.

Do you have a question you don’t see listed here? Feel free to contact our professional team at Century Pools!

Ready to Transform Your Backyard?

Life in California is so much better when you get to dip into a custom pool designed specifically for you and your family. Contact our team at Century Pools today, and let’s transform your backyard into a welcome aquatic oasis that looks fantastic, functions well, and relaxes your body all year round.