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Want to elevate the style and concept of your property? A pool may be that missing piece of the puzzle! Discover a new pool design method through free solutions and consulting that inspires you to visualize and build the perfect pool for your lifestyle and home.
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Dive in: Visualize & Design a Custom Inground Pool

There are several obstacles that homeowners and developers face when building a pool, from selecting a design that harmonizes with the existing style of the property to reflecting the lifestyle and image you want to project. As well as the stress associated with embarking on a design and construction process without having a clear vision of what the pool will look like once completed.

At Century Pools, We Redefine the Pool Design Process.

We create an affordable, convenient, and engaging design experience that allows homeowners and developers in Northern California to have free high-end consulting and technology solutions like our swimming pool software that will enable them to design custom pools, ponds, and waterfalls.
Discover how that beautiful pool will look on your property, get inspired, add elements, select the size, shape, and materials, and make that vision a reality with qualified contractors that assure professionalism and quality.

Embark On the Adventure of Custom Pool Design!

At Century Pools, we provide exclusive support to each of our clients to forge your idea and make it a reality; we know that each property is unique, as are your pool and design needs.
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Inspire: Getting Pool Ideas!

You’re looking for an element that will help elevate the style of your patio or backyard, an option that will help you create a space for recreation and relaxation, but you’re not sure what that might be. Although you’ve seen fabulous ideas online, they don’t precisely fit your property’s needs.
In our specialized consultancy, we listen to you carefully, explain how a custom pool design can be what you are looking for, show you previous work, and talk to you about shapes, styles, lighting, and the whole range of possibilities for you.

Envision: Shaping The Perfect Pool Designs!

Indeed, you already have several pool ideas; you have seen hundreds of images online; now is the time to define a concept and integrate all the elements, such as materials, size, shape, style, etc., to come up with the pool of your dreams.
Instead of waiting for the construction to be ready, at Century Pools, we give you a unique look with our 3D pool design software, which lets you know precisely how your pool will look on your property.

Build Your Dream Pool Come True!

The actual building process begins; we take care of site preparation, excavation, installation of pool structures, plumbing, liner, filtration system, surrounding landscaping, and all the details of your custom pool design.
We work hand in hand with owners and developers, providing updates on the construction progress and ensuring that the agreed deadlines and quality standards are met.
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Free 3D Design and Consulting Solutions

Century Pools redefines the pool design experience for homeowners and developers in Northern California by offering free 3D pool design and consulting solutions. Start transforming your dreams into reality!

Our free 3D pool design is a crucial step in your journey because it allows you to see an initial contemplation of the project and inspires you to visualize all the details you are looking for in your future pool. To create a realistic representation of your pool, we use state-of-the-art Structure Studios software so you can see how everything you desire will be integrated into your property.

During the design consultation, our experts will visit your home to take precise measurements of the space and define every detail with you. Once the design is complete, we will show it along with the associated costs so you can review it and confirm that the result meets your expectations and fits your budget.

Century Pools seeks to establish a solid partnership with you that goes beyond a simple transaction by offering this free pool design. Building a pool is a considerable investment, so we want to make a relationship based on trust. Our team is ready to guide you through the entire process, from inspiration to vision to constructing your dream pool.

Take the first step on your pool design journey with Century Pools! Let us inspire you with our free pool design and realize your vision.

Why Choose Century Pools

Century Pools is a leading pool contractor serving Northern California. Our professionals are committed to providing custom designs that detail shape and size to features and finishes to ensure customer satisfaction on every project.

A pool is not just another space in a facility but an extension of your lifestyle. That is why, in our pool builder, we go to great lengths to create pool designs with unparalleled detailing, make them visually appealing, and ensure excellent durability over time.

Customization is another crucial aspect of our service because we understand that each client is unique. We consider the owner’s requirements for each project to meet their needs. Our experienced designers and builders will work closely with you to create a pool that perfectly fits your desires.

Our pool contractor prioritizes open communication, transparency, and integrity in every interaction. We guide you through the entire process, providing feedback at every step to ensure your experience is exceptional. 

Choose Century Pools as your trusted partner in creating your dream pool!

Imagine Your Dream Pool with Our Free 3D Design Service

Start your pool design journey with Century Pool’s expert team and bring your dreams to life. Now, you don’t have to settle for ordinary; if you’re a homeowner in Northern California, you can get the pool you’ve always dreamed of.
Take advantage of our free 3D design to get inspired with an innovative pool design consultation and turn your vision into a stunning reality-

Experience the difference with Century Pools!