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Imagine turning your backyard into the vacation spot of your dreams, a custom inground pool just waiting for you to enjoy. At Century Pools, we believe anyone should be able to finance their dream pool. That’s why we bring pool financing right to you. Learn more about our pool loan and pool financing options that are easy and affordable.

What is Pool Financing?

Pool financing allows you to pay for your new pool in a manageable way. That’s why there are several pool financing options available, including secured and unsecured personal loans, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), and even direct financing.

Explore Your Pool Financing Options

Paying for your dream pool is easy and versatile, with the payment plan custom-made for your personal and special needs:

In-house Pool Financing

Many homeowners prefer to get a pool loan with the help of their pool contractor and on the terms of the lenders with which their contractor routinely works. Homeowners like this method because it simplifies the loan application process for both them and the lender. Your contractor will be well-acquainted with what documentation is required, will help with the application, and will be ready to answer any questions you or the lender have. This should help approval times be shorter and save everyone time and energy.

But that money came directly from a contractor, so you didn’t get the best possible interest rates or terms. It’s always a good idea to shop around, and make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

Century Pools has relationships with some of the highest-rated pool financial institutions, including Lyon Financial and Paramount Capital, to offer you direct pool loan options, as well as other financing options.

Home Equity Loans “HELOC” For Pool Financing

Home equity loans and lines of credit (HELOCs) are two common ways that new pools can be financed. These loans promise to take full advantage of the value the home-owner has built up in the property. Nevertheless, there are striking differences between the two types of loans.

A home equity loan, often called a ‘second mortgage’, is a loan that comes with a fixed interest rate over a specific time length. A HELOC functions more like a credit card, with a line of credit based on your home’s equity, which you can draw down on as you like over the span of the loan term. Most HELOCs offer variable, rather than fixed, interest rates, which means your payments can be less predictable.

You should keep alive the possibility that you can use your home as an asset. If you collateralise it, you will tend to get lower interest than using other resources. But there is a danger: if the payment of interest or the repayment of money does not occur, you risk losing ownership of your house.

Drawing on the equity in your house is a good strategy for financing your pool – not to mention a good investment in improving your property’s value and the pleasure you’ll get from your house for many years to come.

Personal Loans

This personal loan is not secured by collateral such as property and so can be used for many things, including a new pool. It is unsecured, which means it varies depending on your credit history. Still, it’s a solution for those who don’t want to use home equity and, perhaps, for those who don’t have much home equity at all yet.

These loans offer a flexible approach and an application process that is relatively straightforward to navigate, making them an appealing prospect for people looking to buy their pool sooner rather than later. Because there is no collateral, interest rates are usually higher than for secured loans. A personal loan is an agreement in which a bank or financial institute will loan money to an individual, with a term of repayment usually ranging between 12 and 84 months.

Our Trusted Pool Financing Partners

We are proud to work with premier pool loan financiers to offer you the best possible financing options. Please explore our financing partners below and see how we can help make your pool project a reality.

Paramount Pool Financing

Lyon Financial

Why Choose Century Pools for Your Financing?

Complimentary 3D design by a live designer

Show exactly how it will look before construction happens.

Custom Design

with every pool, we custom build your new pool to your exact specifications and to best compliment your outdoor environment.

Your expert guide for every step

Our experienced team of planners will assist you from designing through financing to completion, as we transform your home into a more spacious paradise.

Benefits of Financing Your Pool with Century Pools Financing Partners

Competitive Rates

Access attractive financing options designed to fit your budget.

Get Flexible Terms

Tailor a loan to suit your pocket.

Quick Approval

Get started on your pool today – our application and approval process is the quickest in the business.

Pool Financing Calculator

With our easy-to-use pool financing calculator, you will understand the affordability of your dream pool. Prior to getting the process started, get an idea of just how much your monthly payments may be. All you have to do is key in a few details — the desired loan amount, the estimated interest rate, length of the loan, and even an initial down payment you may be willing to make. From there, the calculator will do the math! You will be able to estimate the monthly expenses that the new pool may require. Plan for that backyard Oasis with the help of Century Pools.
Make your Backyard Awesome!! APPLY FOR POOL FINANCING NOW.


Example A
Sample #1 $7500
Down Payment $7500
Interest Rate $7500
Amortization 15
Example B
Sample #1 $7500
Down Payment $7500
Interest Rate $7500
Amortization 15



Estimated Payment


Example A:
Total Amount: $75,000
Down Payment: $0
Interest Rate: 8.74%*
Amortization Period: 15 Years
Monthly Payment*: $749.14
Example B:
Total Pool Loan Amount: $100,000
Down Payment: $0
Interest Rate: 9.24%*
Amortization Period: 30 Years
Monthly Payment*: $821.95


Please enter required information to calculate monthly payment.

Please enter a total amount.
Please enter an interest rate.
Please enter an amortization period in years.

Monthly Payment‡

$0.00 ‡estimated payment

*The APR and monthly payment you receive could vary depending on the purpose of the loan, the amount borrowed, the loan term, and your credit history. Approval of credit is required. Terms and conditions apply. Rates and terms advertised may change without prior notification. Your exact interest rate will be based on your credit profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

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